Sunday, December 11, 2016

OneCoin Price Is Right on Track

Onecoin Price Increases

OneCoin is the cryptocurrencies of a new generation. Expectations are capitalizing on the success of Bitcoin, but with newly introduced innovations in the system. The company's worldwide operation is headquartered in Europe while new regional offices are opening worldwide. Its core markets are South East Asian countries, Europe, India and Africa. The company's goal is to create a market with more than 1 million traders and so far has issued 2.1 billion gold coins according to OneCoin news.

Onecoin Price Chart History

The OneCoin concept provides its users with best online training in just how to profit from cryptocurrency, as well as presents an unlimited revenue generating program. OneCoin provides all the tools that are needed to succeed, what's more, OneCoin price charts show it charges only minimal conversion fees compared to other companies. It is the perfect digital currency to make your online transactions especially when you plan on working with various standard payment systems such as Paypal, Google Wallet, and various other credit card accounts.

OneCoin Prices
Genuine solid gold backs each one of OneCoin's gold coins and as of March 17, 2016, OneCoin news stated that one OneCoin is worth €6.95 It started at € 0.5, at present it is €6.95; and is expected to grow in price to €100 in the next few years. Even better, by the end of the year, each OneCoin is projected to be worth €35-€40. Also, according to experts, the OneCoin price will increase to €150 – €200 in the next 3 Years.

The first step to becoming a member of OneCoin is registering on the website. You will be able to select from 5 different packages wherein each of package contains tokens used to purchase or trade with other members. Each token has an initial value of 0.10 euros. The value of the tokens will fluctuate depending on various factors, such as the nature of your purchases or sales volume.

How to earn in OneCoin
The tokens can be used to sell or trade your coins. You can also save your tokens and sell them later at a higher price. The most significant use of the tokens, however, is in their ability to allow you to purchase a slot of 10 minutes inside a mine and produce as many coins as possible. On the average, 100 pieces of OneCoins can be generated within a 10-minute slot.

Based on a OneCoin news report, in a recent sales rally held last February in London, a speaker revealed that your token stash can be doubled with deals involving what he termed 'splits.' He gave the example of someone paying £3,900 for the Tycoon Trader package but because of the splits, that person's tokens came to be worth £8,500.

What is remarkable is that the individual in the example doubled his money even if the value of OneCoin stayed at the same price. The speaker also stated that doubling your money wasn't even the best that could happen to your money. He held out the possibility of a 5,000-euro investment turning into 37,710 euros if the price of OneCoin increases.

Another Chance with OneCoin
In 2008, Bitcoin was launched and caused some hysteria when its initial value of .10 dollars rose to over $1000 after only a short time. The prevailing market value of a bitcoin now is at 300-400 dollars, but regardless of the difference in its price from its peak, no one can deny its success and moreover, it cannot be denied that there is money to be made involving cryptocurrency.

If you are among those who missed out on the opportunity to cash in on the Bitcoin phenomenon, OneCoin is giving you the chance to experience the same if not an even greater financial windfall. The new cryptocurrency has improved conditions and several other advantages that Bitcoin does not offer.

OneCoin vs Bitcoin
According to the OneCoin website, there are six basic reasons why OneCoin is the better alternative when it comes to using cryptocurrency.

1.     OneCoin has a more advanced and a more secure algorithm (SCRIPT).
2.     Smaller denominations of OneCoin make its coins convenient and user-friendly (2.1 bn coins). Bitcoin denominations can be as high as 1200 USD, which makes it less accessible for many people and not practical as a currency.
3.     OneCoin exchange provides greater liquidity and less volatility due to its centralization, unlike multiple bitcoin exchanges which are selling at different rates.
4.     OneCoin has a dedicated management team responsible for strategy, attracting merchants and building the OneCoin brand versus the decentralized approach of Bitcoin.
5.     OneCoin is mined by mining pools (or teams) keeping individual investments in hardware.
6.     OneCoin uses KYC (KYC = Know Your Customers) procedures and cannot be unlawfully used for illegitimate purposes like Bitcoin was allegedly used for buying drugs and weapons on the internet.

Looking into the Bitcoin model, you can see for yourself the great opportunity there is in becoming a member of a new digital currency like OneCoin. Just like a coin, it has two faces or options. On one hand there's the opportunity to get into cryptocurrency at its early stages, and on the other hand is being a part of the driving force taking this particular type of currency into the public market.

About 1000 and 2000 OneCoin members are added every day which means that by this time next year, the company will be around 400,000 to 500,000 members based on OneCoin news. At its current rate, OneCoin is on track to become second only to industry leader Bitcoin and will be well ahead of the current number two, Ripple.

With all that OneCoin achieved in its first year, the question of what it could end up doing in its second-year remains to be answered. Inevitably, it will become the number one cryptocurrency as it would have already caught up with Bitcoin, which has been around since 2008. Watch out for more OneCoin news and stay abreast of further developments with this amazing product.

Monday, August 8, 2016

How to Get Gold Backed AurumCoin with OneCoin

All throughout history, gold, Aurum in Latin, has been the standard by which all currencies were valued. At present, we have cryptocurrencies like AurumCoin which was conceptualized to have the worldwide credibility of the dollar and the timelessness of gold. It is a legitimate alternative to the different world currencies and can secure and unite the global monetary system. As such, an AurumCoin can be used as any currency, enabling anyone to pay and be paid easily anytime and anywhere.

As a natural element, gold cannot be created or manufactured in the same way that money can be produced as deemed necessary by delegated leaders. Although abundant, people will eventually use up the world's supply of gold. Fiat money on the other hand, is controlled by centralized banking for the interest of a country. These limitations make the AurumCoin a better alternative than the previous two.

Gold backs each AurumCoin with the par value set at 1 gram of pure gold. The amount of coins will always match the gold value report as stated in several AurumCoin reviews. Gold backed currency is the reason behind the AurumCoin's economic stability and adaptability as a global currency. Furthermore, cryptocurrency is safe from inflation because a government does not control it and its value is not dictated by the law of supply and demand.

What is cryptocurrency?
In its most basic definition, cryptocurrency is digital currency. It differs from currencies like the USD and the Euro in that the cryptocurrency has been specifically designed as a medium of exchange of digital information through cryptography. Cryptography is a process that secures the digital transactions and regulates the production of new coins. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that was created in 2009; for which, Satoshi Nakamoto is acknowledged to have created the technical system by which all cryptocurrencies are based on.

Cryptocurrencies are immune to inflation because the system is designed to decrease their production over time. There is a market cap on their production. For example, Bitcoin will never go beyond 21 million coins in circulation.

About OneCoin
OneCoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that followed on the heels of the success of Bitcoin, but it certainly is not a copycat according to OneCoin reviews. It has issued 2.1 billion gold coins and is currently considered, the new generation of cryptocurrency. It is a worldwide operation but currently headquartered in Europe. Its core markets are in South East Asian countries, Europe, India and Africa while new regional offices are opening worldwide such as OneCoin in USA. The company has set its goal in creating a market with more than 1 million traders in its expansion program.

With solid and innovative cryptographic concept, the user mines gold coins and other crypto-coins with the hope of making a profit. At Onecoin, the users combine resources in building mining pools to make OneCoin grow.  The website publishes block chains created by its members where they can view and participate. OneCoin has also introduced innovations in the field of cryptocurrencies, as well as setting new standards in security for its users. Each member has an E-Wallet that has its own unique address. The E-Wallet is also encrypted, as it is also where the user's gold coins are stored. The user can see how coins are mined in real-time and can also verify transactions there.

One Coin and AurumCoin Partnership
OneCoin and AurumCoin have partnered to offer their traders the benefits of holding two of the hottest products on the cryptocurrency market. Genuine solid gold backs the resulting unique hybrid currency. The two also offer core financial education on cryptocurrency in the online exchange, OneAcademy. Meanwhile, the marketing concepts used in selling the gold coins are enhanced by OneLife Plan.

The OneCoin concept provides its users not only the best online training on how to profit from cryptocurrency but presents an unlimited revenue generating program. They supply all the tools that are needed to succeed. What's more, unlike the excessive fees imposed by traditional banks, AurumCoin emphasizes that the company is charging minimal conversion fees. It is the perfect digital currency to make your online transactions. Furthermore, there are plans for working with various standard payment systems such as Paypal, Google Wallet and general credit cards.

How to get AurumCoin with OneCoin
The first step in joining AurumCoin through OneCoin is to register, which only takes a few seconds and then you're all set. Check on the website for further information, instructions and other helpful tools. Members can choose from five different packages. Each package contains the various tokens which are the instruments used to make purchases among members. Remember that these tokens are free, and each one has an introduction value of 0.10 euros. However, their value will adjust over time depending on the nature of your purchases, sales value and other factors.

Not only can the tokens be used as currency for your purchases, but they can also be sold or traded at The One Exchange. Members can also choose to hold on to tokens and sell them later at a higher price. Most important of all, the tokens can buy time in the mining process to produce OneCoins. For example, 10 minutes inside a mine can be purchased for 500 tokens, allowing the member to produce as many coins as possible in the time allotted. Usually, 10 minutes will produce 100 pieces AurumCoins on average. Needless to say, the more people wanting to enter the mine, the more expensive it will be to buy the time inside the mine.

It is not hard to see that registering now while there are fewer people and the cost of entering the mine is less would be profitable. The more coins you produce earlier in the game, the more their value increases over time especially when the world is more accepting of AurumCoins.

People who have been amazed by the success of Bitcoin should be even more so with the AurumCoin and OneCoin hybrid. It is indeed a new era of cryptocurrency. You don't want to miss this incredible opportunity.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gold Backed Currency Gaining Momentum

My Review of Aurumcoin and how its backed by gold.

Breaking ground in the cryptocurrency world, Aurum Gold Coin (AGC) is one of the most highly developed cryptocurrencies with a very strong and sound security. As a pioneer in the industry, AGC, and its advanced technology, offers quick and easy entry for the gold markets. It paves the road to an inexpensive and instant gold transfer worldwide. Each coin is backed by pure gold. This innovation is what makes Aurum Gold Coins unique. Having solid gold assets backing up the coins improves the stability and value of Aurum Gold Coins. It also helps distinguish itself from traditional coins. While older cryptocurrencies can be a thrilling investment which can increase up to 75 times, they can also be very upsetting as losses can occur in a shorter period as well. That is why Aurumcoin found a way to prevent things like these from happening, providing a credible and trustworthy cryptocurrency backed by pure gold. Thus, people who purchase from AGC cryptocurrencies are owners of two assets: real gold that is physically stored in the gold-rich country of Dubai and the cryptocurrency itself.

Through Aurum Gold Coin, you can acquire gold and be involved in the gold exchange market regardless of how much investment you decide to make. Additionally, investors are not obligated to trade the possessed gold. Everyone is free to either exchange the gold or just continue storing them with AGC.
A variety of packages are available to those who are keen on investing in gold assets. Upon signing in, you can already be a certified gold owner. AGC provides convenient access to members, such that at any time and anywhere, checking on your existing gold assets becomes smooth and trouble-free through your personal online account. The most amazing part of being an Aurum Gold Coin member is that you can claim your investments whenever you want to without any hassle. The gold that you own will be physically transported wherever you are in the world. The good things AGC offers don't end there! Besides those mentioned, a 0.01 fraction of OneCoin can be obtained for every Aurum Gold Coin purchased, making it a second investment. In Our Qurumcoin review, they have confirmed that this portion is attainable.

OneCoin investors in USA and many others agree that investing in gold is never a waste of time, effort, and most notably, money. While gadgets, automobiles, and other conventional investments depreciate, gold is one of the many assets that never depreciates. Hence, becoming a member and investor of Aurum Gold Coin does not put you at risk. As mentioned above, different packages are available, which are as follows: Starter - 50 coins, Trader - 250 coins, Pro Trader - 500 coins, Executive Trader - 1500 coins, and lastly Tycoon Trader - 2500 coins. For as small as 50 coins, you can be an owner of pure gold!  Get started enjoying the perks of being able to purchase gold and participate in the market with the stable and solid-founded Aurum Gold Coin by OneCoin.

Friday, May 27, 2016


Due to numerous requests from members and a considerable increase in the demand, OneCoin has announced on May 3, 2016, that they are now accepting Bitcoins as payment for the products they offer. After thorough decision-making and careful deliberations, the OneCoin administration acknowledges the fact that a market interested in cryptocurrency now seeking alternatives to BitCoin, is ultimately in their favor. Accepting BitCoin as Currency is taking advantage of the fact that BitCoin has substantially crashed its value in 2015.
Similar to OneCoin, Bitcoin is a digital asset and a form of payment system. Since its invention in 2008, everything was progressing well until recently when its current value significantly dropped. Even avid supporters of the currency can only perceive that recovery of their previous trade value is uncertain. Unsatisfied Bitcoin members are now looking for a more stable cryptocurrency establishment, still fearing that their digital assets will go to waste just like their previous investment in Bitcoin. Undoubtedly, OneCoin has become a top choice for many BitCoin users.

After all its accomplishments, OneCoin is the only alternative that has been tested and proven. In a OneCoin review, it was regarded by most members as the most trustworthy and dependable cryptocurrency company on the market. It provides its members not only the finest quality opportunities but stability as well.
OneCoin's founder, Dr. Ruja Ignatova said, "We see many cryptocurrency enthusiasts exchanging their Bitcoins for OneCoins. OneCoin is a new generation cryptocurrency, combining many advantages and is determined to become the Number 1 cryptocurrency worldwide - offering secure, fast, borderless payments".

The primary benefit of OneCoin over BitCoin is that anyone can mine the coin because it is designed not just for tech-savvy users with specialized expertise and knowledge. Consequently, high-encoding hardware and software are no longer needed by members. OneCoin is simply for everyone who wants to venture into the new financial opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer. It also puts efforts into imparting knowledge to its members. It shares practical and useful tips for the best possible ways to handle cryptocurrencies.

A team of committed and reliable people is tasked in strategizing prospect markets to attract them in building OneCoin trademark products. This centralization paved the way to a more effective approach for winning over client after client. The move was probably one way that changed the minds of skeptics. Bitcoin, on the other hand, uses a decentralized approach in their marketing strategy.

BitCoins are reportedly used and abused for perpetrating illegal purposes. These have allegedly included online purchases of drugs and dangerous weapons. The KYC or Know Your Costumers Procedures used by OneCoin USA, as well as the entire OneCoin corporation, prevents this from happening. Hence, illegal acts are controlled and eliminated.

Obviously, OneCoin is a step ahead when evaluated against BitCoin. Reading a OneCoin review will help any skeptic accurately come to the previous conclusion. Proven to be the leading and pioneer company in the cryptocurrency market, OneCoin will replace BitCoin in the coming years. Go ahead and exchange your Bitcoins now!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

OneCoin – Following in the Footsteps of Bitcoin or Just Another Ponzi Scam?

My Honest Review of Onecoin from someone who invested in it.

Bitcoin revolutionized the way digital warriors and businesses conducted transactions in the cyber

world. Just several years after Bitcoin took the net world by storm, OneCoin promises yet another

solution to netizens hungry for economic opportunities. I invested $150 in Onecoin back in July of

2015 when the price was very low. Since then the price of Onecoin has increased exponentially so

I'm very happy with my decision. However, I still have some concerns about Onecoin, particularly if

the KFC regulations will be approved in USA or not. Onecoin is still in the process of validating

these regulations in USA. What is also concerning is the news reports and a series

of OneCoin review articles going against the company. Is the platform really a Bitcoin

alternative or simply a Ponzi scheme waiting to pounce on unsuspecting and gullible netizens?

About OneCoin as a Company

OneCoin prides itself as a more secure and more rewarding answer to Bitcoin and

cryptocurrency. In fact, it boasts of a complete array of products and services that are superbly

superior to Bitcoin. Using the latest cryptographic technology and state-of-the-art security

features, OneCoin proposes a solid marketing concept that combines 4 products in one.

However, there is not much information regarding OneCoin’s ownership if you are going to

base it on their official website, Checking on the validity and security of the

website presents a flag from a variety of browsers indicating that the website does not supply

identity information. For a company that prides itself of being a Bitcoin alternative, it is quite

unsettling to find out that the website itself seems to mask its own identity. A more

extensive OneCoin review of the official website reveals that OneCoin only gives a very vague

information as to its location saying that OneCoin is headquartered in Europe and has

operations worldwide. However, continuing with the OneCoin About section reveals that of all

the markets that they could focus on they had to put emphasis on India, Southeast Asian

countries, and Africa, in addition to Europe.

An IP lookup of the website reveals that the website is being hosted in San Francisco CA

although there were also additional hits in Phoenix AZ and Chicago IL. Its Terms and Conditions

as well as the Independent Marketing Associate’s Agreement all point to a US origin with

several allusions to US Federal laws such as electronic commerce and taxes. In a September

2014 review posted on BehindMLM, OneCoin is believed to be operating in Bulgaria as cited

from the company’s Terms and Conditions at the time. Additionally, the domain itself was

registered on June 23, 2014 with its settings tweaked to private. Further scrutiny reveals that

OneCoin is the brainchild of Dr. Ruja Ignatova who was fortunate enough to grace the cover of

the Bulgarian edition of Forbes Magazine in May 2015. Unfortunately, one OneCoin review say

that the supposed cover story was more a paid ad by OneCoin to derail mounting allegations of

another Ponzi scam in the making.

Nonetheless, the company now boasts of close to 1.5 million members and 561.2 million

OneCoins mined although the About section talks about having already issued 2.1 billion


OneCoin Products

The company has several products in line to support OneCoin’s ambitious rise to

cryptocurrency fame. At the leading edge is OneAcademy which provides new users

information on the fundamentals of cryptocurrency as well as the rudiments of OneCoin as a

product and a solution. Nevertheless, taking full advantage of the features of OneAcademy

requires a new user to subscribe to any of OneCoin’s 7 Packages; 8 including the free Rookie

version which technically is a useless piece of marketing ploy. The Packages are as follows:

1. Starter package at €100 includes financial products and trading and a certificate to

initiate OneExchange exploration.

2. Trader package at €500 includes levels 1 and 2 of OneAcademy learning focusing on

cryptocurrency and gold trading basics.

3. Pro Trader package at €1,000 includes levels 1-3 of OneAcademy learning focusing on

OneCoins trading and mining.

4. Executive Trader package at €3,000 includes levels 1-4 of OneAcademy learning focusing

on profit maximization and optimization.

5. Tycoon Trader package at €5,000 includes levels 1-5 of OneAcademy learning focusing

on increased profiteering from OneCoins trading and mining.

6. Premium Trader package at €12,500 includes all 6 levels of OneAcademy focusing on

maximum top-level OneCoin profiteering.

7. Festival package at €18,800.

Unfortunately, OneCoin does not provide information on what the Festival package actually

provides to interested individuals.

Considering that what OneCoin is offering through its OneAcademy online program comprises

of information that are not necessarily trade secrets because of the availability of internet

resources, it is quite disturbing to be parting with that amount of money (€12,500?!?) for

information on how to get rich using cryptocurrency. Yet, if the figures on the official website is

to be believed in, with almost 1.5 million members, then that is an awful lot of money.

Member Benefits

The company does provide its members a host of benefits. Unfortunately, you have to be a

member in order to view these host of benefits. There are some YouTube videos as well as a

handful of OneCoin review articles explaining how the compensation plan works. Generally,

like all MLM it basically works on the principle of the user feeding off the output of others down

the line. There are direct sales bonuses as well as network sales bonuses and matching


Members are additionally enticed with the possibility of trading in gold using the Aurum Gold

Coin program of the company. Aurum Gold is a hybrid cryptocurrency that is anchored on

prevailing prices of gold. This is supposedly an answer to Bitcoin’s highly volatile value.

Additionally, the company is encouraging its members to maximize their OneLife and reap the

full benefits of the company’s OneAwards incentives.

The Verdict

For an MLM company that capitalizes on intangible commodity, it is quite understandable why

some people might have to think many times before joining any of OneCoin’s packages. With a

very shady organizational information, it would seem that OneCoin is hiding a lot of things from

the public. And while its co-founder did grace one of the world’s leading business magazines, its

timing largely questions its veracity. Additionally, with so many OneCoin review articles

claiming that it is just another masterfully crafted Ponzi scam, OneCoin needs to be more

transparent in all of its transactions and foundations if it really wants to project an image of

credibility and trustworthiness. Otherwise, it is just another scam out to get the hard-earned

money of the average Joe.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Onecoin USA regulations expected to be finalized soon

The Onecoin crypto currency is currently undergoing KYC regulation in USA. These are regulatons the US Government is implementing in order to make crypto currency a more viable currency for every day use.  If you are a fan of Cryptocurrencies and you are looking for the next big thing you should strongly consider the use of Onecoin. My sponsor has spoken to the Onecoin executives in USA and they are expecting the KYC regulation will to be complete by mib February. If all goes to plan, Onecoin will be available in USA on the open market by then. Im the mean time my Onecoin USA team is authorized to register new American customers privately. Contact me on skype at jesseghostley and I can share all the details. Like us on the Onecoin USA page for updates and discussion.
New Onecoin USA regulations

KYC also stands for know your customer and this check is designed for financial institutions as well as regulated crypto currency use so that clients can have confidence in the system. Onecoin USA has worked diligently to bring our crypto currency up to the standards of KYC certification. These processes are utilized by companies, consultants, distributors, banks and crypto currency use so that customers can have full confidence in new financial products. KYC certification ensures that we have the responsibility to uphold our regulated status and to ensure our customers maintain confidence in our financial institution.
As soon as our KYC regulation is completed there will be a short amount of time before you can be an early adopter of Onecoin USA. It should be around 30 days before restrictions are lifted and the trading flood gates open up. Onecoin should be an extremely fast starting crypto currency and our representatives will provide you with real-time information/reporting about the status of this product. This means that you will always have honest data and calculated assistance through the process of mining, trading and buying Onecoin.
Onecoin USA shows an extremely promising outlook for the future. You can purchase the new USA version of onecoin in a few different packages ranging from a starter pack all the way up to a large scale amount of the currency. It is also important to note that you can trade Onecoin amongst more experienced users just as you would any other commodity. Taking advantage of some early trades from private users could be a great way that you could get access to Onecoins USA at a discount rate.
The problem with crypto currency news is that there are so many available in the market today. Instead of having to worry about whether or not you are picking the right one it's important to remember that Onecoin USA is a new product that will be taking off fast. Part of the reason for this is the KYC regulation of trust as well as the fully USA based operations. Onecoin USA is a new product that has all of the same regulations a typical financial institution would have to direct its operations. This ensures that it can remain regulated and profitable.
Estimates suggest that Onecoin USA could in fact have the same buzz and the same profitable returns that you might receive from a product like Bitcoin. While the product certainly hasn't reached its fever pitch yet, we estimate you could see as much is 80x return on your investment if this product experiences the same success as some of the top cryptocurrency options. By becoming an early adopter as soon as the restrictions are lifted, you could turn a small investment into a very large one and much faster than with traditional stocks or investing.
For short-term investors the outlook for Onecoin as soon as this system is approved, looks very bright. Just like the bitcoin boom from a few years ago, buying into Onecoin early on could reward you massively. This is the next big Cryptocurrency and it's entirely based out of the USA.

Contact our team to learn more about Onecoin and stay tuned for our official announcement of our KYC regulation status/lifted restrictions. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

What You Need to Know About Onecoin | USA Review

A review of Onecoin in USA

After much speculation and multiple theories surrounding Onecoin that has crypto currency investors in USA exchanging ideas regarding its implementation. Here's my very own Onecoin review as a crypto-coin investor in USA.

For starters, onecoin can be defined as the revolutionary method of introducing virtual currency with the usage of cryptography as a means to transform the way each community functions in terms of exchanging goods and services. While there is a battle between how this will actually turn out, whether with the usage of bitcoin or the latest trend of alternative coins, the real essence of the topic goes far beyond just that. Though the former is widely accepted as a form of crypto-currency, the fact that it is also being used as a commodity diminishes the distinguishing features of both uses, i.e., as a currency and as a commodity. At the moment, these coins are currently in the pre-mining stage and have recently been made available in the USA. However, research shows that once these coins are released on a full scale basis, after the desirable number are created, they could very likely take over the country by storm one cent at a time! This is because, the creation is light years ahead with the technology that is in its testing stages.

From an investment point of view, the Onecoin is capable of maximising profit by means of multiplication of crypto-currency value that can extend beyond 100 USD. This means that it could multiply to an extent where it is worth hunderds of times more in the coming five to ten years. This high level of gains is what makes the Onecoin a lucrative investment option.

Benefits of Onecoin:
Firstly, it is completely transparent which means that there is a larger sense of certainty amongst investors, thereby encouraging even the risk averse kind to pool in their resources. This is a benefit of high magnitude due to the opportunities it presents. Similarly, more transparency means wider chance of decentralised decision making. This is a bonus to potential investors who would like to have a say in or analyse the ongoing transactions or the surety of the return. Arbitrage opportunities are looming large on this one. The introduction of e-wallet, a uniquely encrypted virtual wallet that varies from investor to investor has only strengthened the availability of safe and secure storage.

All those who have carefully stacked their cupboards with gold through the years now have another reason to rejoice! This virtual coin comes fully backed with solid gold which acts as a form of security and assurance, thereby increasing the safety in choosing onecoin as the single most intelligent option. Due to Gold's evergreen appreciation in value, this provides a fair degree of stability in the financial savings, thereby reducing currency fluctuations. Statistics show that each of these coins will be backed up by one milligram of gold in the future. Another key aspect that enhances the features of security is the guaranteed prospect of hiring a full time information technology auditor to overlook the monthly functionalities, especially in its starting stages.

Just like an equity investment, the onecoin is also eligible for bonuses to the members. On a psychological level, while this provides a boost to the investors, financially, such a bonus is a sign of vitality and success for the venture as well. So, from both angles, the onecoin presents as a great option for investment. The schemes that are proposed to be represented also include a variety of bonuses that are meant to increase mutual benefits and bring about the economic change at a faster pace. Another reason why the Onecoin investment is quite profitable is because of the resource sharing feature that saves millions of dollars of capital investment for those planning to start their own mining processes. This means that while the initial outflow is considerably low, the rewards are limitless.

Onecoin is being called 'real' currency unlike most other forms of crypto-currency. This is because, while the predecessors were quite extensively used, they remained anonymous, thereby creating a sense of insecurity amongst governmental organisations. This posed a hindrance to the extent to which such virtual currency could be used. But with onecoin, that issue is expected to be resolved and it is quite certain that banks and other financial institutions will now start using it on a regular basis.

An expected outcome of the establishment of onecoin is the centralisation of the transactions. It is anticipated that this will wipe out all other forms of currency and replace everything that the citizens are accustomed to so far. This almost means a new life for us all, one that may take time to adjust to but can also mean tremendous potential for growth and development. This makes currency tracking very simple. All in all, a total of 2.1 billion Onecoins can be 'mined' after which the maximum potential limit shall be exhausted and no more coins can be created once these are found. This presents security in the form of creation monopoly.

Naturally, when an idea is presented to the public, it also garners a lot of skepticism. Queries and expectations pile up till they eventually tumble because what people imagine is hardly ever represented as imagined in reality. In the current scenario, there are quite a few who have expressed their disapproval to the great onecoin. One very common argument is that a single currency simply cannot speak for billions of people. Another is that the usage of bitcoin will dilute the buying power of the societies. The third is that the implementation of the prospectus cannot match up to the planning that preceded it. Also, since the monetary system is generally centralised, the introduction of crypto-currencies can pose a threat to the mobility of resources in the hands of the people.

The Future for onecoin:
With the right amount of direction and focus, onecoin can be the one stop solution to profit making.
Naturally, in the initial stages, where many Onecoins can be found with fewer members vying for them, the profit making opportunities are maximum. Soon, as the member pool begins to grow, the resources begin to deplete and finding new coins becomes a difficult and daunting task. Hence, the future sees a lot of potential for growth for those who are able to find their way in from the very beginning. As the situation gets to an advanced stage where demand for this form of crypto-currency exceeds the supply available, the value reaches its peak.
In our opinion, the onecoin is surely anticipated and is going to be the next big thing for decades to come. All that remains now is the impending wait to decide the future of our lives. Having just released, the Onecoin is up for grabs right at this moment and can be purchased as you read this now. Why not try to become one of the early birds in gaining from this viable opportunity? You decide!

opportunities across the online trading communities. While loopholes are sure to exist initially, with immediate corrective facilities, those can be overcome within no time. With its brilliant innovativeness and creativity, the stakes are running high on this one technological upgradation that could quite possibly magnify the way we look at financial transactions. While most people, institutions and organisations are looking forward to this with their fingers crossed, there are those who are also protesting against this bold move by the creators of Bitcoin.