Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Onecoin USA regulations expected to be finalized soon

The Onecoin crypto currency is currently undergoing KYC regulation in USA. These are regulatons the US Government is implementing in order to make crypto currency a more viable currency for every day use.  If you are a fan of Cryptocurrencies and you are looking for the next big thing you should strongly consider the use of Onecoin. My sponsor has spoken to the Onecoin executives in USA and they are expecting the KYC regulation will to be complete by mib February. If all goes to plan, Onecoin will be available in USA on the open market by then. Im the mean time my Onecoin USA team is authorized to register new American customers privately. Contact me on skype at jesseghostley and I can share all the details. Like us on the Onecoin USA page for updates and discussion.
New Onecoin USA regulations

KYC also stands for know your customer and this check is designed for financial institutions as well as regulated crypto currency use so that clients can have confidence in the system. Onecoin USA has worked diligently to bring our crypto currency up to the standards of KYC certification. These processes are utilized by companies, consultants, distributors, banks and crypto currency use so that customers can have full confidence in new financial products. KYC certification ensures that we have the responsibility to uphold our regulated status and to ensure our customers maintain confidence in our financial institution.
As soon as our KYC regulation is completed there will be a short amount of time before you can be an early adopter of Onecoin USA. It should be around 30 days before restrictions are lifted and the trading flood gates open up. Onecoin should be an extremely fast starting crypto currency and our representatives will provide you with real-time information/reporting about the status of this product. This means that you will always have honest data and calculated assistance through the process of mining, trading and buying Onecoin.
Onecoin USA shows an extremely promising outlook for the future. You can purchase the new USA version of onecoin in a few different packages ranging from a starter pack all the way up to a large scale amount of the currency. It is also important to note that you can trade Onecoin amongst more experienced users just as you would any other commodity. Taking advantage of some early trades from private users could be a great way that you could get access to Onecoins USA at a discount rate.
The problem with crypto currency news is that there are so many available in the market today. Instead of having to worry about whether or not you are picking the right one it's important to remember that Onecoin USA is a new product that will be taking off fast. Part of the reason for this is the KYC regulation of trust as well as the fully USA based operations. Onecoin USA is a new product that has all of the same regulations a typical financial institution would have to direct its operations. This ensures that it can remain regulated and profitable.
Estimates suggest that Onecoin USA could in fact have the same buzz and the same profitable returns that you might receive from a product like Bitcoin. While the product certainly hasn't reached its fever pitch yet, we estimate you could see as much is 80x return on your investment if this product experiences the same success as some of the top cryptocurrency options. By becoming an early adopter as soon as the restrictions are lifted, you could turn a small investment into a very large one and much faster than with traditional stocks or investing.
For short-term investors the outlook for Onecoin as soon as this system is approved, looks very bright. Just like the bitcoin boom from a few years ago, buying into Onecoin early on could reward you massively. This is the next big Cryptocurrency and it's entirely based out of the USA.

Contact our team to learn more about Onecoin and stay tuned for our official announcement of our KYC regulation status/lifted restrictions.