Monday, August 8, 2016

How to Get Gold Backed AurumCoin with OneCoin

All throughout history, gold, Aurum in Latin, has been the standard by which all currencies were valued. At present, we have cryptocurrencies like AurumCoin which was conceptualized to have the worldwide credibility of the dollar and the timelessness of gold. It is a legitimate alternative to the different world currencies and can secure and unite the global monetary system. As such, an AurumCoin can be used as any currency, enabling anyone to pay and be paid easily anytime and anywhere.

As a natural element, gold cannot be created or manufactured in the same way that money can be produced as deemed necessary by delegated leaders. Although abundant, people will eventually use up the world's supply of gold. Fiat money on the other hand, is controlled by centralized banking for the interest of a country. These limitations make the AurumCoin a better alternative than the previous two.

Gold backs each AurumCoin with the par value set at 1 gram of pure gold. The amount of coins will always match the gold value report as stated in several AurumCoin reviews. Gold backed currency is the reason behind the AurumCoin's economic stability and adaptability as a global currency. Furthermore, cryptocurrency is safe from inflation because a government does not control it and its value is not dictated by the law of supply and demand.

What is cryptocurrency?
In its most basic definition, cryptocurrency is digital currency. It differs from currencies like the USD and the Euro in that the cryptocurrency has been specifically designed as a medium of exchange of digital information through cryptography. Cryptography is a process that secures the digital transactions and regulates the production of new coins. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that was created in 2009; for which, Satoshi Nakamoto is acknowledged to have created the technical system by which all cryptocurrencies are based on.

Cryptocurrencies are immune to inflation because the system is designed to decrease their production over time. There is a market cap on their production. For example, Bitcoin will never go beyond 21 million coins in circulation.

About OneCoin
OneCoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that followed on the heels of the success of Bitcoin, but it certainly is not a copycat according to OneCoin reviews. It has issued 2.1 billion gold coins and is currently considered, the new generation of cryptocurrency. It is a worldwide operation but currently headquartered in Europe. Its core markets are in South East Asian countries, Europe, India and Africa while new regional offices are opening worldwide such as OneCoin in USA. The company has set its goal in creating a market with more than 1 million traders in its expansion program.

With solid and innovative cryptographic concept, the user mines gold coins and other crypto-coins with the hope of making a profit. At Onecoin, the users combine resources in building mining pools to make OneCoin grow.  The website publishes block chains created by its members where they can view and participate. OneCoin has also introduced innovations in the field of cryptocurrencies, as well as setting new standards in security for its users. Each member has an E-Wallet that has its own unique address. The E-Wallet is also encrypted, as it is also where the user's gold coins are stored. The user can see how coins are mined in real-time and can also verify transactions there.

One Coin and AurumCoin Partnership
OneCoin and AurumCoin have partnered to offer their traders the benefits of holding two of the hottest products on the cryptocurrency market. Genuine solid gold backs the resulting unique hybrid currency. The two also offer core financial education on cryptocurrency in the online exchange, OneAcademy. Meanwhile, the marketing concepts used in selling the gold coins are enhanced by OneLife Plan.

The OneCoin concept provides its users not only the best online training on how to profit from cryptocurrency but presents an unlimited revenue generating program. They supply all the tools that are needed to succeed. What's more, unlike the excessive fees imposed by traditional banks, AurumCoin emphasizes that the company is charging minimal conversion fees. It is the perfect digital currency to make your online transactions. Furthermore, there are plans for working with various standard payment systems such as Paypal, Google Wallet and general credit cards.

How to get AurumCoin with OneCoin
The first step in joining AurumCoin through OneCoin is to register, which only takes a few seconds and then you're all set. Check on the website for further information, instructions and other helpful tools. Members can choose from five different packages. Each package contains the various tokens which are the instruments used to make purchases among members. Remember that these tokens are free, and each one has an introduction value of 0.10 euros. However, their value will adjust over time depending on the nature of your purchases, sales value and other factors.

Not only can the tokens be used as currency for your purchases, but they can also be sold or traded at The One Exchange. Members can also choose to hold on to tokens and sell them later at a higher price. Most important of all, the tokens can buy time in the mining process to produce OneCoins. For example, 10 minutes inside a mine can be purchased for 500 tokens, allowing the member to produce as many coins as possible in the time allotted. Usually, 10 minutes will produce 100 pieces AurumCoins on average. Needless to say, the more people wanting to enter the mine, the more expensive it will be to buy the time inside the mine.

It is not hard to see that registering now while there are fewer people and the cost of entering the mine is less would be profitable. The more coins you produce earlier in the game, the more their value increases over time especially when the world is more accepting of AurumCoins.

People who have been amazed by the success of Bitcoin should be even more so with the AurumCoin and OneCoin hybrid. It is indeed a new era of cryptocurrency. You don't want to miss this incredible opportunity.